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Majestic Parents Metabolites

Urine Testing

When a person uses a drug their body breaks it down or metabolizes it. The drug is broken down into what are called metabolites. It is these metabolites that are detected in a person sample causing them to be flagged as positive for that metabolites parent drug.   

Sample Types of Fake Urine

Drug tests can be run on several different types of samples. If a person is preparing for a drug test they must either know exactly what type of sample will be required of them or they will need to prepare for every type of sample possible. The latter of those options would be so difficult to accomplish it can be considered less than advisable. The most common form of drug testing is that which is performed on urine. That does not necessarily indicate our subjects test will not be performed on their hair, saliva, blood, or in less common cases, with the use of a breathalyzer.  

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